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Posted on 2005.06.29 at 19:04
This Friday! Excitment! Hooray!

Colins house! Scrubs! TV! Excitment! Call me if you'd care to take part.

(Scrubs Marathon this friday at my house)

Posted on 2005.05.23 at 17:34
i got a job! i got a job! wooo! thanks eric!

Ok, thats all.


Ohhh yeah! yeah!

Posted on 2005.05.17 at 17:28
Current Music: The Band-Rock of Ages LP i bought at the Truble huble show
I passed Geology! I passed Geology! i'm done with science forever! yay! yay! Yay!

Granted, i got a D, but i'll take it. I was hoping to pull of a C, OH FUCKIN WELL.

Final Grades
US History-B

Woot! My GPA will be changed soon too! go away F from freshman year! Yeah!

Anyways, OH yeah! Scrubs came out on DVD today! oh man, i'm going to buy Scrubs and the life aquatic today, maybe even right now!

If anyone wants to watch scurbs and life aquatic with me tonight, call me!

Posted on 2005.05.13 at 00:14
Current Music: The basement tapes
Yeah! i'm done with school! Summer is here!

My finals were tough but managable, i hope i passed geology....

Bloc party has a kick ass drum/bass combination

I want to see a show really soon..hey chadddd? wink wink, i'm still pissed i missed wilco

Yup, thats all.

Oh hey...yeah.

i guess this is pretty true

Posted on 2005.05.08 at 21:13
Current Music: New Ben folds...eh

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Posted on 2005.05.04 at 12:14
i got an a+ on my stilwell asian history paper! i got an a+ eat that america!

Posted on 2005.05.01 at 00:18
Current Music: Wilco-Remeber the Mountain bed

I have AT LEAST an AB in Theology(thats a B+ and A- together) AND i still can turn in a extra credit paper to maybe get an A. The paper is 2 pages discussing the Lyrics to Wilco's theologians.

Plus! the guy who failed me, he's going back to his normal school! die catwoman!

Man, i got an A AND i got something out of the class, i feel like a new woman!

Posted on 2005.04.28 at 23:30
Current Music: King's Harvets(has surely come)-The band(my new favorite)
Hi, yeah its me.

Things have been really up and down. The year is almost done, which is good, but that also means things are really busy. I'm at the state where i feel like i'm falling apart. My room always seems messy, my glasses are always dirty, i have a big paper due, you know, the same problems everyone has. Oh well.

Camp went really well, i think i've rediscovered my role on staff again, it feels nice. I dunno, NIOS has always been something i didn't have to pretend i could do, its me, its all i really can do well. Well i can do stuff well,whatever.

I've been able to talk to a few people a lot more lately, it feels nice. I think this summer is going to be really sweet. Though i said i would have some guitar figured out by the begining of the summer. I'm going to do this, i really am. I also hope to run a lot and play some organized sports again. Who's up for the some saturday morning soccer at Old timers? I think it'll be fun. I think i might push for the waters family garden to be started again. I want to grow stuff and be outside. Oh yeah, small concerts in the barn this summer, as well as some awesome drive in movies at the barn. It'll be nice to see everyone again. I just want to relax.Now hopefully i'll have a job somewhere. Come on city of crystal lake...hire me.

I'm excited about being a RA next year. I know it'll be hard work, and i may have to sacrifice some stuff, but it'll be nice to have something to do. And plus can meet some new people, which is always fun. Basicly i'm ready for next year, no class on fridays!! woot, single, woot, something to do. Now i just have to pass geology.

I had some thoughts on how i want to move out to Wyoming when i graduate and live the simple life for a while. But i'll save that for some other day, its probably borning to write about anyways.

I need to read some more newspapers and catch some cnn again, i'm a little out of it, i missed a whole bush press conference damnit! i would have liked to rant about that too. Oh well, they'll be more when he can't follow up on the stuff he was promising at this one.


I have no idea if this is true

Posted on 2005.04.25 at 14:01
Current Music: Netural Milk Hotel
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Posted on 2005.04.20 at 14:08
Hitler....Pot.....Sean Sartell

oooo my turn!

Posted on 2005.04.02 at 13:54

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i was bored....

Posted on 2005.04.01 at 13:21
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Posted on 2005.03.17 at 16:16
I got the RA job! I got the RA job! Woooooo!

What a weird fucking day.....

Posted on 2005.03.15 at 20:46
Current Music: Gaberdine
Hi Colin -

My name is Kathleen and I am the Hall Director over in Burke. Katie Marach
gave me your name as someone who would make a fantastic RA. She had a lot of
really great things to say about you. I am aware that you picked up an
application, but did not go through the process. My first question is: Are
you still interested in the RA position on any level? My second question/
first request: If you are interested would you be willing to meet with me to
discuss the position? After all the great things Katie relayed to me about
and the other nice things that other Hall Director's said, it sounds like you
would be a great candidate for the job. Please get in touch with me as soon
as possible to let me know whether you would be interested or not.

Thank you!

Posted on 2005.03.11 at 20:23
When my roomate leaves for his parties, i am going to have a fantastic night.

I am going to watch bottle rockets and maybe the Woody Guthrie/Billy Bragg/Wilco movie i just bought. I might even go buy some orange pop and nilla wafers to complete the night.

Also picked up the first Bob Dylan concert where we went electric, pretty sweet.

Posted on 2005.03.05 at 21:52
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Posted on 2005.02.28 at 18:27
You're cool, you're cool, you're cool, you suck.

So i got my History paper back last week and got a B. I should have gotten an A, but i kinda had to rush through the thing. When i drove home, the snow decided to come back and give me a far too stressful drive back. So i had to rush through my paper, but oh well, I'll take a B for my troubles. I did get my Chinese History test back today, i got a 92, it was glorious. B on the paper, A on the test, A on partipation for the first unit, zing! So yeah, theoloy is boring and pretty easy, i have to study for a us history test tonight, joy. My Gen eds are a waste of money, I learned nothing from math and Geology is useless to me and they make me apatheitc about everything.

Thats been a problem for me, i'm so stuck in this whole school thing, my grades are pretty sweet thus far, but its boring. I seem to be content with doing nothing. I'm really trying to break out, hopefully i can. Going to shoot some hoops tomorrow and check out the other workout room, hopefully the workout bikes are better than the ones in the weight room. The weather won't work with me on trying to get active again, damn snow.

Well, i dunno, i'm bored, talk to me.

Posted on 2005.02.17 at 10:57
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: The Arcade Fire
I've been a really strange mood the last week or so. I can't sleep in these stupid dorm rooms. Being tired all day really slows everything down and makes me more apathetic. Meh.

For that reason and a few others, i think i'm coming home this weekend to get some good sleep and some hardcore relaxation...and Thai food. Chakes,Nick, Ben, you know the drill.

Class wise i'm doing pretty ok. I'm kicking ass in my two history class, i think i'm starting to find a real interest in the history and current issues of China. In Theology i'm kicking ass as well. I get to go on atheist spouts against hardcore catholics, its a good argument twice a week. Though i shut up sometimes when the hardcores get rolling, thats too much religon for me. Also, we've done two papers and so far i've gotten 100 percent on both of them. Screw you last year! I saw my old professor last night, jerkass. Geology, bah, i hate that class, i did shitty on our "rock quiz". I don't think i'm doing too well in the class, i was talking to the registrar about dropping it and taking a summer class instead, i'm not sure if thats needed yet...but we'll see. I'm taking at least one summer class, could be two now...

Physically, i'm a little run down and out of shape. Hopefully i'll be hitting the campus center for some bike action today or the gym for some running. I am not runing in 10 degree weather again. That ruined my athletic drive last time, as well my ability to get an erection...i mean...

I spent 35 dollars last weekend on music, probably not a good idea, but i haven't really spent money in a while so, well whatever, screw you. I got the new "of montreal", the new Low, the newest Postal service single, and the first decemberist EP. It was worth it.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about NIOS on what we can do to really turn a corner and get a little more active. Yup.

Looking for some new hobbies, bored of myself right now.

Ok, loosing sentence structure, i'm out. I really don't think i can right a short LJ entry ever. Ok, bye.

Posted on 2005.02.15 at 00:10


Posted on 2005.02.12 at 00:05
I have a passion for British Romantic comedies, i'm not sure what that means.

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