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Posted on 2009.07.02 at 16:01
Oh man. This entry has caused me some major (not really) grief the last week or so. Why you ask? Mostly because I really don't have anything to say.

I've had a couple fairly long entries pretty much written up on two separate occasions. Both times I've deleted them, mostly because they were not terribly useful. For me and for you internet-tubers.

What I've figured out from all of this is that I'm pretty much happy right now. Sure, there are some things that have been bothering me, but the more I wrote about them, the more I realized I was creating issues in my head. The stuff that is bothering me is really no different from anyone else my age.

Anyways, point is, I'm having a pretty darn good time thus far in Steamboat. The town is a pretty relaxed place as is, but seems to be even a bit more laid back in the summer. Maybe having something to do with it being a tourism town having no tourism due to the financial nonsense going on. Pretty much every weekend has had some sort of interesting event going on, from a bluegrass festival (Telluride Bluegrass, the most fun music event I've ever been to) to something as simple a "Tubing Regatta" (Drunk ski bums floating the river at the same time, culminating in going over a semi-large rapid to a cheering drunk crowd), with all sorts of hiking, biking, and general summer nonsense mixed in there as well. The town is small enough that it doesn't have a whole lot to do, but the stuff it does have is pretty satisfactory. It's basically like summers in Huntley but way more fun and interesting.

Where my (self-created) issues have come are pretty much the usual ones I've had since starting this season deal. One, my general life plan has not come up yet, therefore the "next thing" is always on the back burner in my brain. This is something I've since come to terms with (again) and am pretty content to just enjoy my silly life. Two, since coming back I've had a pretty sudden change of heart about dealing with my job. The last two years of hotel work has not be terrible for me. It's certainly had it's terrible moments (rich people on vacation suck), but generally I've liked the people I've worked with and It's still just a vehicle to ski/hike a lot. But this summer I feel different. Maybe it's because the layer of winter season people are gone and I'm working with people who do this as their careers, which then makes me feel like I'm doing this as a long term thing, thus freaking me out a little bit.

The funny thing is that my failed attempts of writing about these issues has been extremely cathartic in that I was able to write out all of these things and see that I really wasn't all that freaked out and was just extremely bored at work. That's it, I literally just figured that out, I just have too much time at work since tourism is way down, so I just sit around and get pissed at wasting my day online. Therefore, I also have way too much time to get pissed that I'm working in tourism. The problem is that there isn't much else to do work-wise.

Here's the new plan, I either need to find another job in the company (Housekeeping, maintenance, whatever) or just find new things to keep me busy). Yep, that's the plan.

At the end of the day, I know I'll probably never be able to truly settle into a ski town if I don't have some sort of forward motion in place, but by the same token there's no reason for me to be terribly worried about figuring out my life when I'm 24 and am living in a beautiful and fun town.

The End.

(I have some news about some free time (months) in the fall and want to see who want's to find some adventure with me, but I'll save that for after the weekend)


Jessica Rebecca Schultz
la_becky at 2009-07-10 18:15 (UTC) (Link)
i like adventures....

yeah... another thing, collin, that i ahve come to terms with and a lot of my family ahs pointed out to me is If we would have stayed on track and done what we were supposed to do... get real (lame) jobs and stay in one place... we might have had to face knowing ourselves later in life. Some people put all this self searching off because they wanted to stability of doing what they are expected to.

I have an aunt right now who has to get a divorce and is making these huge career changes and really needs time off to think cause when she was our age she didnt take the time to do it then. She is one of my biggest advocates for what i am doing now...

inthered at 2009-07-12 16:38 (UTC) (Link)
i love you and your non-life plan. there is no reason your life has to stop being an adventure, until you stop wanting it to be one.

as a person with a master's degree i want to tell you right now that you are 100% on the money when you say that thinking makes you crazy. seriously. i have a degree in freaking out now.


i support your choices and your happiness and your uncertainty and you, forever, because you are colin.

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