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Holy crap was a I whiney college kid.

The last post I wrote is a very interesting one in relation to where I sit currently in life and location. I suppose we can call the period between then and now (Ugh, like 4 odd years, life is weird) my "middle ski bum time/late 20s discontent" part of my life. I came home, thought with ski bum logic of "I'm sure something will present itself sooner" that I'd find some new fun job at home, learned that it didn't really jive with how real life works and I packed up and left again. And then I came back and tried the same god damn thing again to the same result. I'm a real dummy, it turns out. I really don't want to revisit too much more but let's just say in 2014/2015 a resume of a seasonal front desk agent is not one that is particularly in need by corporate America. That brings up the other problem for me. I told myself I could go have fun until I hit 30 and then it was time to do stuff. Well, when you specifically avoid thinking about adult decisions for a long time, it turns out you turn into a 30 year old without a career.

Apparently I'm a whiny 30 year old too.

Ok, so that's that time of my life. A time I'm in the process of truly moving on from. I guess I never really got that sad or depressed (other than the normal sads) during my weird time, but in hindsight trying to ignore the situation probably didn't help. The real world is stupid and I probably should have known trying to find an office job on Indeed.com was not going to end well. But that's done. Almost done.I found a gig doing some silly outdoor lawn work that is set to last until October. It's only been a few weeks but it's about what you'd expect from a job like that. Early hours, hard days pushing a spreader around (It's going suck real bad when the heat comes) and one has to hustle all damn day to make your money. BUT. It could be a shit ton of money by the end. And I'm outside and the job is mostly pretty mindless. Good dudes too.

The small sliver lining to have too much empty time is that I was able to sort out whatever I needed to sort out. My plan of just "finding a job and making money until something made sense" wasn't the worst plan but it wasn't a proactive one. I've had a very interesting and wonderful life but I can be very slow moving on decisions. In some instances that's an ok thing. I was happy to make some roots in Steamboat for a while. My happy place is floating on the pontoon about at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin reading a book. People are in such a god damn hurry these days and I like to walk in the woods and float around. The bad part is well, why I'm writing this from Huntley. Whatever I thought was going happen didn't and I'm crashing in my old room. So the original plan is back on. Grad school. Not teaching, not an MA in history (Because I've figured out that two useless history degrees are a dumb idea) but Library and Information Science. Specifically a focus on Archiving too. It's the stuff I like an am interested in, but also a degree that teaches you how to do things. There are some lingering doubts based on being able to find a job, but I feel like this is a good start.

Oh yeah, the other thing I figured out is that I love the Midwest and love being around my family. My brother had a beautiful daughter. They're an hour away but I see them all the time. My cousins are around here, we hit breweries and go fishing. I love being a Midwesterner. I'm stubbornly Midwestern and I like that I feel aware of that.

So anyways, my life didn't make any sense for a while and I didn't handle it well. I've always had an unusual life for a bit and I don't really fit in normal places. So I probably shouldn't be totally at fault for whatever happened. Mostly, but not totally. Onward is the new name of the game. Except when I'm fishing. And reading. And watching baseball.

A bunch of sentences, mostly connected.

Posted on 2011.10.25 at 15:57
You know what, I'm going to write something here, damnit. (Hi Julie!)

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in suburbia Illinois right now, I left the home of my parentals to "see who's hiring" at the local suburbia mall thingy and quit after the first flyby. I came to this site again with the idea of writing out a long, most likely private, post about the weird state of my life as it stands. But after reading my last few posts and then going on a long trip through my and other's old posts, I decided against it.

Why you ask? Well, If you read my last post, the major points are still true. Sorta. Actually, this is why I didn't write that mope-fest post. It's all nonsense. Long story short, this last year was weird for me. I'm in the process of moving on from being a ski bum for the better part of the last 5 years out west. There's a little bubble of joy that has been my life out in northern Colorado. It's a ski town in the mountains away from the rest of the world that has great people and a laid back way of life. Did I ever think I'd live there for 5 years? No. Do I regret it? No ma'am.

So anyways, I'm back home now. I'd like do something new in the greater midwest area, "moving home" I guess you'd say. I like my family a lot and wouldn't mind being closer to everyone, so that's my current motivation. I guess I've been planning on grad school for a while now, but not that it's actually looming, I'm not so sure anymore. A thing for the sake of a thing, I suppose. I'll probably still apply, but I think there might actually be something else out there for me to do. We'll see.

Anyways, I think I'll probably start writing in here again, but not "woe is me" crap anymore, unless I need to. Alright. Bye now.

Hello? Anyone alive? Hi Julie.

Posted on 2010.12.16 at 23:13
Hello Friends! Livejournal! Alive and well! You've lost weight! Let's talk.

I find myself in a strange little pocket of life right now. I've been home for a little bit now, initially as per usual, a "between seasons" sort of deal. Now though, I'm finding myself in uncharted waters, as I'm still home and am actually planning on staying here for a few more weeks. This was something I decided to do over the summer, for two reasons. One, my cousin got married a few weekends ago and I couldn't see myself missing a major family event. Which I'm glad I didn't, as it extremely enjoyable and emotional for a family that could use such a thing. Secondly, I needed to break the "cycle" that I had been inhabiting for the last few years. Summer season, home, winter season, home, rinse, repeat. This whole thing has been extremely fun and life changing for me and I do not regret one bit of it, but, on the other hand, it gets and got old. Rather quickly I might add.

The whole mundane story of why I feel this way right now is not terribly interesting. You do something for a while, it's a lot of fun, you get tired of it and you move on. Simple, right? Yes, mostly. As much I don't feel like I have any big regrets or anything about the last few years, I do feel like I, veered slightly off the road, during my last little bit of time in Steamboat. (Last place of inhabitance) What I mean by that is that I feel like I lost my forward momentum in the last season or so in terms of general life direction, but at the same time still had a pretty good time. Even more specifically, I hit a point over the summer where I realized that I didn't have a solid reason anymore to live in Steamboat. It's a great place to hang out and I would love to be able to live there my entire life. But, at the same time, I went out there specifically to just be a ski bum and not have to worry about any major "real life" sort of stuff. Which I basically did. Mostly. Where that statement gets complicated is that while having a grand ol' time as a ski bum, I was also always thinking about the big "what do I do with myself" question as well. Which is fine. That was something I assumed would happen. Where the "veer" happened was letting that take over a little bit. I never thought I wouldn't be thinking about what to do with myself while I was there. I'm a nerdy kid who likes nerdy things and I'd like to have a sweet career someday. Really, the first two years were perfect, I did fun things, lived with fun people, had a couple good relationships, all went according to plan. The last year, the friend group split between the ski town and the college town, I found out I didn't really need to ski every day and I started to miss non-ski town things. Instead of being as proactive as I normally am (read: blindly jumping into a new thing), I stayed still. And I don't do well standing still. Yep.

Oh, and one last thing about all that. I do wish I would have done one general thing differently as I went though that little block of time. I let myself get too worked up in the less-than-positives of my situation to the point that I just shut down. Meaning that got too into the "I'm tired of Steamboat, party life, ski town life, etc" mindset that I let the fun things about that life pass me by. Not completely, not even a lot, just too much. Lesson learned. Life is a lot more fun when you keep the negatives in their proper place and enjoy every little second of life. I've learned that lesson the hard way this last year.

Ok! That's done! Good to have that stuff out. I'm sorry you had to read that. While I'm certainly going a little crazy cooped up at home, it's been really good for me to have the time to sort through all that. It's nice to be able to take a step back and see how silly you're being sometimes. Moving forward! Moving forward is happening soon. I've moved on to trying to sort through all the different life plans I've made for myself in the last few years. History grad school, getting my HS teaching certificate, another degree in an outdoor/sciencey sort of fashion. All are interesting, all go in extremely different directions, and all are huge jumps in one direction. They all also have tight schedules in terms of applying, which is not great for me. There's also a west v. home fight going on in my brain. Short answer:I like home, but I have things still to be done out west. Getting older is hard. I miss being to just jump in my car and not care about these things. Ok. Done.

So. I'm happy, I'm healthy, I have a shit ton of life plans and no strong feelings towards one. Turns out, i'm 26 and should be doing this anyways. So we're good. What I need soon is to jump into a new thing. New place for a while, maybe a new girlfriend, I should probably finally kick this beer gut. These are exciting things.

Thanks for listening!

Posted on 2009.07.14 at 16:13
I'm giving up on a certain minor process I've been going through as of late. I keep trying read through/"study" for the GRE and thus begin the process of going to grad school. But every time I do it, I come to the same conclusion. I'm not at all interested in that process. That's not to say I don't want to ever go back to school or anything, I just don't care now. I'm sure if it's going to make sense for me, I'll know when. Instead, I'll just focus on having fun and self-improvement now, and keep an eye out for whatever will make sense to me next. (Quick list of possible things, places and things mixed together in no order: Americorp, Alaska, Oregon, New Mexico, Trail Crew, volunteer program that let's me be helpful and build stuff).


Posted on 2009.07.02 at 16:01
Oh man. This entry has caused me some major (not really) grief the last week or so. Why you ask? Mostly because I really don't have anything to say.

I've had a couple fairly long entries pretty much written up on two separate occasions. Both times I've deleted them, mostly because they were not terribly useful. For me and for you internet-tubers.

What I've figured out from all of this is that I'm pretty much happy right now. Sure, there are some things that have been bothering me, but the more I wrote about them, the more I realized I was creating issues in my head. The stuff that is bothering me is really no different from anyone else my age.

Anyways, point is, I'm having a pretty darn good time thus far in Steamboat. The town is a pretty relaxed place as is, but seems to be even a bit more laid back in the summer. Maybe having something to do with it being a tourism town having no tourism due to the financial nonsense going on. Pretty much every weekend has had some sort of interesting event going on, from a bluegrass festival (Telluride Bluegrass, the most fun music event I've ever been to) to something as simple a "Tubing Regatta" (Drunk ski bums floating the river at the same time, culminating in going over a semi-large rapid to a cheering drunk crowd), with all sorts of hiking, biking, and general summer nonsense mixed in there as well. The town is small enough that it doesn't have a whole lot to do, but the stuff it does have is pretty satisfactory. It's basically like summers in Huntley but way more fun and interesting.

Where my (self-created) issues have come are pretty much the usual ones I've had since starting this season deal. One, my general life plan has not come up yet, therefore the "next thing" is always on the back burner in my brain. This is something I've since come to terms with (again) and am pretty content to just enjoy my silly life. Two, since coming back I've had a pretty sudden change of heart about dealing with my job. The last two years of hotel work has not be terrible for me. It's certainly had it's terrible moments (rich people on vacation suck), but generally I've liked the people I've worked with and It's still just a vehicle to ski/hike a lot. But this summer I feel different. Maybe it's because the layer of winter season people are gone and I'm working with people who do this as their careers, which then makes me feel like I'm doing this as a long term thing, thus freaking me out a little bit.

The funny thing is that my failed attempts of writing about these issues has been extremely cathartic in that I was able to write out all of these things and see that I really wasn't all that freaked out and was just extremely bored at work. That's it, I literally just figured that out, I just have too much time at work since tourism is way down, so I just sit around and get pissed at wasting my day online. Therefore, I also have way too much time to get pissed that I'm working in tourism. The problem is that there isn't much else to do work-wise.

Here's the new plan, I either need to find another job in the company (Housekeeping, maintenance, whatever) or just find new things to keep me busy). Yep, that's the plan.

At the end of the day, I know I'll probably never be able to truly settle into a ski town if I don't have some sort of forward motion in place, but by the same token there's no reason for me to be terribly worried about figuring out my life when I'm 24 and am living in a beautiful and fun town.

The End.

(I have some news about some free time (months) in the fall and want to see who want's to find some adventure with me, but I'll save that for after the weekend)

here comes my yearly LJ post.

Posted on 2008.12.04 at 12:26
I find myself with a quiet moment at work and I suppose it’s a good time to throw up a little life update. From looking at my last update, my life hasn’t changed a whole lot. I went back to Montana to the same hotel to work for the summer and I have since returned back to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I had a really great time in Glacier again, knew a decent amount of people from previous years and met a lot of new people as well. For the most part, the experience was the same idea as last year, but was also, of course, completely different. The people were different, which seemed bad right away, but turned out being as exciting and new as the previous year. The outdoor activity was exciting as well and the social times were also quite crazy. The really neat thing for me was the sense of normalcy I had being back at Many Glacier Hotel. The first year was completely new and different for me and that was great. This summer was great because I knew what I was going to get into for the most part but also was aware that the experience was bound to be (and was) completely unexpected and exciting.

Based on that idea of normalcy, I came back to Colorado after the summer ended. Steamboat is a really nice mountain town with really nice mountain people. Sure, it’s growing as a ski resort and I don’t know if I’d want to stay here for the long run, but it’s a great place to be for someone who needs a place to hole up until some decisions are made. The job situation sucks in town due to the crashing economy, but I was able to get my old job back doing front desk again for a nice little resort. I’m living with 4 other people I worked with in Montana and we’ve created a nice little group of people combined with old friends from town and new folks we’ve met. It’s nice to be comfortable.

The only other major thing in my life right now is trying to figure out what I’m going to do with myself. This is something that has caused various forms of crazy within myself thoughout the last few years. What that means is that the seasonal life can be very exciting at times but also has times of extreme down time. This down time gives a person a lot of time to just think, which can be a very good thing or a very bad thing. At first, it was a bad thing, I freaked out about what my future should be and that usually led to trouble. (Moving back after my first summer to Chicago). Since going back this summer, (after having a loose plan of moving to Minneapolis). I’ve since started forcing myself to read a little more philosophy, re-evaluating the way my brain thinks about things, and forcing myself to stop thinking about things so damn rationally. Anyways, this has all led to feeling pretty good and not too worried about myself in the last year or so and has let me really enjoy my situation. The side affect of that is that I’ve been pretty remote since coming out west and that’s something I’m trying to change as of late. Hence, this long, bean-spilling, live-journal entry and the intention of hopefully keeping with people via Internets, phones, and letters.

What else, I’ve got a bit of a short-term plan in the works that has come to me in the last couple months. I’ve got things worked out that I’ll probably stay in Colorado for the winter and the summer. Steamboat has as much summer outdoor activities as it does winter outdoor activities and the idea of not moving for a least a season seems very nice. After that, I’ve started looking into some Americorp programs based in various parts of Oregon. I’ve had the idea of moving to Oregon in my brain ever since I came west and it hasn’t really gone away. I’m trying not to make idle plans for the sake of making plans anymore, as I’ve done in the past regarding Oregon, but now it’s starting to actually make a little more sense. I need a new direction for my life, rather than the constant seasonal change. I’ve loved being a ski bum for a couple years but I’m ready to find something a helpful for me and other people. There are some disaster relief type programs that have some outdoor aspects to them and that’s something that really appeals to me. Some are based out of Eugene and some are in Portland, either one sounds appealing to me but Portland seems like the place I’d like to end up in the long run. Between now and then I just need to find what my plan is.

Ok, I’m done, for real. Thats it, hope everybody is having a good time.

Posted on 2008.03.02 at 10:03
I couldn't tell you the last time I posted up in here, so I suppose thats a good time from a update or two.

I suppose a little narrative of the last year or so is in order for startsies. Basicly, about a month before I graduated last spring I had a bit of a freakout after looking through jobs in the chicago-area and ended up applying at as many National Parks as I could find on the internet. That, rather quickly, turned into a job for me at a hotel in Glacier National Park in Montana. This ended up being probably the best thing for to do at the time possible. The hotel was a awesome old swiss chalet-type place in the most quiet part of the park (in terms of tourists) and was staffed by nearly completely college aged or just out of college kids. Since the hotel was in the middle of the park, we were all forced to get really close very quickly. Though it didn't seem forced or anything, everyone was just really friendly. It really was a vacation from reality, which was exactly what I needed. The summer ended up consisting of hiking, sitting on our employee porch drinking beer, and reading. Quite relaxing and very helpful in the longrun. After that, I was all set to head back to Chicago for a bit, but had another freakout in regards to jobs, missing the mountains, feeling unsure about everything, etc, and ended up taking a job in Steamboat Springs Colorado. This is the part I feel shitty about, since I yanked around the whole Chicago thing with people and then bolted rather suddenly. I probably won't ever not feel bad about it, but I hope it all works out eventually. The ski bum thing was/is fun and I don't regret coming here, just regret how it happened. I'm here with people I met in Montana and other random people one meets in a small town. Life is spent skiing mostly, with lots of reading and group dinners in the downtime.

Obviously I regret screwing up the time between the mountains, but I really just had to be out here again. I'm in a odd place right now, i'm trying to decide if I want to come back to the midwest area to where I know everyone or keep trying the west thing. I really just need to meet more people out here or convince everyone I know to move out west with me, in all my little freakouts about what I should do, I can't see myself leaving the mountains for the time being. Who knows. I'm all set to go back to Montana for the summer for one last seasonal hurrah (I think) and I want to settle down for a bit. A couple friends here are pushing hard for Bend, Oregon for the summer and onwards, but I'm hesitant to nix going back to Montana. So i guess i'm leaning towards going to Portland, Oregon or Missoula, Montana until i can figure out whats next AFTER all the summer stuff. Grad school? Maybe? If i could find a good outdoorsy job, i'd jump on that, but we'll see how that goes.

Well, that ended up being a lot more of a narritive than i'd like, but hey, now you know apparently. More to come soon?


Posted on 2007.11.13 at 13:29
RIP Tucker Waters.


Posted on 2007.04.28 at 17:15
U.S. Proposal Would Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia
Five-Year Plan Would Also Open Alaskan, Gulf Waters

By Steven Mufson and David A. Fahrenthold
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, April 28, 2007; A01

The Interior Department will announce a proposal Monday to allow oil and gas drilling in federal waters near Virginia that are currently off-limits and permit new exploration in Alaska's Bristol Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, according to people who have seen or been told about drafts of the plan.

The department issued a news release yesterday that was lacking details but said that it had finished a five-year plan that will include a "major proposal for expanded oil and natural gas development on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf." Department officials declined to describe the plan.

Congress would still have to agree to open areas currently off-limits before any drilling could take place off Virginia's coast. Every year since 1982, after an oil spill off Santa Barbara, Calif., Congress has reaffirmed a moratorium on drilling off the nation's Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Last year, after a vigorous push by drilling advocates, Congress opened new waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Interior Department might still go ahead with environmental and geological seismic studies off Virginia, but the plan does not envision drilling there before 2011, according to a congressional source who saw an earlier version of the proposal. The sources who described the plan spoke on the condition of anonymity because they didn't want to compromise relationships with people who showed them drafts.

Environmental groups said yesterday that they were troubled by the idea of oil exploration and drilling so near the wildlife refuge on Assateague Island and in an area closely linked to the Chesapeake Bay. Some of the bay's best-known species, such as blue crabs and rockfish, migrate to the ocean.

Activists said that simply looking for oil and gas could cause environmental harm if waste products used to lubricate or cool drill bits are cast overboard. Such materials are often toxic, and could threaten marine life in the area, said Richard Charter of Defenders of Wildlife.

Richard Ayers of the environmental group Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper said he was concerned about development along the state's lightly populated Atlantic shoreline. He said he was worried that oil drilling would create boomtowns, a new influx of people and pollution.

The Virginia shore is dotted with barrier islands and lagoons, most of them largely unspoiled. The Virginia coast has been designated a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations, and a National Natural Landmark by the Interior Department.

"This is one of the few places on the East Coast that just never got developed," Ayers said. "A disturbance of any magnitude would be something the place hasn't seen since the '30s," when a hurricane hit the area.

Many drilling advocates say that the oil industry has had a good environmental record in the Gulf of Mexico and that the nation needs to develop domestic oil and gas reserves to bring down prices and reduce reliance on foreign oil.

Advocates of increased drilling have campaigned in several states, many of which are attracted to the prospect of negotiating shares of federal royalties. Bills endorsing more drilling have twice passed the Virginia legislature.

Kevin Hall, a spokesman for Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), said Kaine was "supportive of exploration to see what, if anything, is out there." But Hall said Kaine had received "assurances" from federal officials that the proposed exploration would not violate state law. Last year, the General Assembly and Kaine agreed on a bill to prohibit drilling within 50 miles of Virginia's shoreline.

One place that doesn't need approval from Congress is the area north of the Alaska Peninsula near the Aleutian Islands, known as Bristol Bay. Home to one of the world's largest salmon runs, according to the Sierra Club, Bristol Bay was not covered by the same ban on drilling.

President Bush used his executive power to lift the ban in January. Congress has 60 days to reimpose it, or else drilling preparations could start in Bristol Bay as soon as July 1.

Athan Manuel, offshore drilling expert at the Sierra Club, said, "We need to do more to drill in Detroit by finding more oil efficiency in our cars and trucks rather than drilling off of some of our most sensitive coasts that are important environmentally, but also economically in driving billion-dollar fishing and tourist industries."

two things i love right now.

Posted on 2007.04.28 at 17:01
Beirut-Elephant Gun


that is all.

Posted on 2007.04.24 at 10:20
Current Music: Apples in Stereo/Of Montreal (I'm very Elephant 6-y lately)
So I'm going to Montana for the summer. Yep. I apparently don't know how to get a "real job" and instead took a job at a hotel in Glacier National Park as a housekeeper or whatever. Yep. I work until 2 in the afternoon every day and the rest of my time will be spent hiking and reading. Thats the best I could pull off. But in reality, i'm very excited about this whole idea and I'm going read so many god damn books it'll make the heads of the thousands of bears that i'll be living with spin. So yeah, I start work June 6 and go until September 24th. Which then after that, I have to figure out if i'm going right to this whole grad school thing or move out to Chicago. (I'm 85 percent moving to Chicago? Roommate(s)?)

Oh! I forgot, I'm looking for some book suggestions for the summer. I'm going to have plenty of my own, lots of American history and probably reading the constitution over rather closely (Nerd!), but i'd love to hear some other suggestions. I've been getting into Enviromentalism a lot this semester, so i'll be reading a lot of that too hopefully. I also need a bike I think, not sure how thats going to work.

School is dragging to a finish. I won't go into to detail, but everything I liked about my small school i'm starting to hate and I'm ready to be done. I'm doing...betterish with classes but its still hard to care and this whole Res life business is really just a waste of time.

Hrm, oh! i'm now the proud owner of a pretty little Honda Civic, which i'm not sure how i'm going to pay for, but i'm very thankful. (its from my parents until I can pay for it. I think.)

The whole Vtech stuff was pretty hard, got a little perturbed with the politicizing that went on, but I guess thats to be expected now. It was also hard to read about the 170 people who got killed in Iraq the same day, not sure how one can compared the two things.

Also. RIP David Halberstam. One of our nations most important and best writers in our history. His Vietnam writings were really important. I got to see him talk at SNC last year, his understanding of the Vietnam and Iraq wars was really impressive and helpful.

Get the new Great Lake Swimmers album! its fantastic! Also: Twighlight Sad.

Posted on 2007.02.16 at 23:29
Current Music: Great Lake Swimmers
Well, here I sit on duty, with nothing to do, so I suppose I should maybe give the ol' livejournal an update.

Personally, I'm doing pretty alright. I seem to get a lot of anxiety when i'm up here at school, and I've not been able to figure out why. I think it might have something to do with the whole "small college" thing. I like my school, but its in Green Bay, Wisconsin, there is only so much that the one hipster coffee shop can do for me for 4 months at a time. But yeah, I always seem to end up feeling really bugged by little things for entire weeks, and then i'm fine. So, who knows? Also, I don't sleep, ever, I can't sleep when I'm at college. So thats fun.

But yeah, other than little boring non-problem problem, I'm doing pretty well. I suppose one source of my anxiety may have something do with my upcoming graduation from college and the rest of my life i'm suppose to have after that. I find myself wishing I would have done little things different (having a minor) here and there during my time, but I'm mostly (slightly) freaked out about not having anything specific lined up for a post college job. I don't know, I wish I would have written more, I'd like to be a newspaper writer. Maybe I can still pull that off. Anyways, yeah, I do have some things lined up, maybe doing grad school, maybe doing something silly like the Peace Corp or Teach for America. In reality, I just want to move someplace new, a city with interesting things to do and a change of scenery. Chicago is possible, maybe its too close for me though. I really like the idea of Minneapolis or Seattle, they kind of offer the same "thing" that draws me to them, but one keeps me closer to home and one takes me to the other side of the country. So...yeah. Maybe Becky will get her PIRG thing in Seattle and I can just use that as an excuse to move there too. (Please?) For the summer, I thinking about finding some kind of summer camp job, I always loved camp, I'd be fun to lead kids on hiking trips, why not? Boo ya.

I've found myself really interested in alternative energy sources and environmentalism in general. I've always supported those ideas, but never really put in the effort to do any reading or anything. So, now I have a few books, I'm reading a lot of articles. (when I can) I haven't been able to do much yet, as all of my classes consist of only reading, but I'm getting there. Lets see, what else, oh! I was excited to see Mr. Obama declare his candidacy for president. A lot of me is still unsure how he'll do, but all of me really wants to see him win. Boo ya again.

oh! I found the most wonderful thing on stereogum today! For all you mac/music types (so, dan, who may already have this), its a program that looks exactly like itunes that automatically downloads all the mp3s from a music blog. You just add in the sites you read and every day it will update the new songs on those blogs. Its called Peel! Delicious!


Speaking of music. I got the first two Big Star albums yesterday, and i've been hitting them hard. Makes a lot of modern music make sense, and plus its great anyways. Alt. country/pop hooky/spread out, its what everything is currently, but you know, the first one. So yeah, get that. Also, I'm absolutely addicted to podcasts currently. NPR, KEXP, Morning Becomes Eclectic, etc. Its all great, I used to only do Sound Opinions, but i don't really care for them anymore, they seem out of touch, and bloated. Anyways, yes.

Well, there we go.

I need a new scarf

Posted on 2007.01.31 at 23:51
Current Music: Cold Beer and Cigarettes (Acoustic)
Well, here I am again.

School is about two weeks in now and its been kind of strange coming back to it. Things are mostly the same here, but I actually feel kind of different, which is the first real change I've felt since I flew home. Friend wise, I feel the most close to my roommate, which we were pretty close already, but we both were abroad last semester (he student taught in new Zealand), so we are going through similar things. Really the odd part is that now that I'm back with my close friends who were gone 1st semester and the ones who were gone 2nd semester and its weird having a larger group around. So, long story short, people from last spring are kind of petty and lame and I'm not as close to them as I thought, but more silly types are back, so that's good, and in conclusion, I hang out with my roommate and a few others almost exclusively. So...yes.

Class wise, my classes are interesting, but h'm having a hard time deciding if I care or not. Working at the museum was was the most gratifying thing I've done in a long time and was one things I felt like I did legitimately really well in a while. So class seems kind of a step back at times, it'd rather be doing something rather than being talked too. So we'll see how that goes. Res Life at SNC has become very lame and irrational and I don't really do much.but my HD is nice and one of my best friends is on my staff, so I have a partner in crime in regards to not doing work, and a boss who lets us do that, to a point. Moral of the story: Don't be an RA your senior year. (Senior? christ, how did that happen)

I read Night by Elie Wiesel at the library tonight for one of my classes. For some reason I never read this book before tonight, which is probably a crime. But seriously, I think this book is maybe the best written book I've ever read and certainly one of the most important ones ever.

"From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The Look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me"

In the last week I've been able to get a lot of music that I've been trying to get a hold of. The new Of Montreal album is really dancy fun and I just got the leak of the new Arcade Fire album, what I've heard is really great, but I have yet to really jump into it. Busdriver is really interesting and the new Deerhoof album is the first Deerhoof album that I've really dug. Oh yeah! the new Yusef album is really interesting, if you like Cat Steven's you'll like it, its nothing particularly new, but its a really great bright album.

Dan gave me the David Bazan solo album, and its been playing almost nonstop for the last week, its a bit more jesusy than Pedro the Lion at times, but the songs are all fantastic. The other album that is fighting past that is the new Andrew Bird album. Oh man, is it good.

oh! before i leave, i'm looking for Ida albums, can someone send me those or point me where they may be hiding ?

ps. I do really need a scarf

Thank you one Dan Swick for that last wonderful post here. Jerkface. (the subject is the entirety of that post)

Well, I guess the deletion of a pirated LJ post is as good as any reason to make a real post in here.

Its been a few weeks since i've got back from England and so far I don't think i've really even thought about Europe, much less missed it. Thats not to say that I don't want to go back, but being home has been nice too. Had my new years party the other night, it was grand, as silly as always yet, this year booze was invited. It certainly made for an interesting night, but I think everyone had a lot of fun and nothing really got broken, so I'll count it as a win.

Its been nice seeing all the normal people again, we've had silly times aplenty, and also watched a lot of Scrubs. (so nothing new) Now if only we didn't normally live 3-5 states away from each other, things would be perfect.

I've got the itch get back to Norbs soon, I really love being home when all the other friendtypes are here, but I can't stand living in this house in this dang town. I can handle my family for a weekend and be fine, a month...not so much. Also, in terms of doing things, it seems our choices are always limited to drinking, watching various canceled television shows at my house, or playing video games. Could be worse i guess. But yes, few more weeks and i'm back to Norbs and my glorious 4th dorm room.

Past all the basic stuff, i"m doing pretty well. (past this awkward-at-best lj post) I feel pretty good, I'm pretty sure I lost somewhere in the 10-15 pounds range last semester, and I seemed to survive that whole experience in one piece. I feel the most relaxed i've ever been in the last few years at the current moment, and also pretty optimistic, which hasn't been present with me either lately.

I guess I really didn't have anything to say, but hey, you asked for it!

I'm going to cram this whole "study abroad experience" into one entry

Posted on 2006.12.17 at 11:30
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Ok, here goes.

I'm leaving in 2 days and I suppose I should at least mention the fact that I've been in London since September. All and all, the whole experience has been amazing and I'm going to miss to the hell out of London (and Europe) crazy much. London is a really great city to live in, there is always all sorts of crap to do, museums especially. (which works for me) In terms of traveling, I had a lot of really great experiences as well, the brief run down of them are, Paris, Italy (venice, Florence, and Rome), Berlin, Scotland, and Dublin. The last three were with Stefan, which twas a lot of fun, we had a very silly time, and also, saw each other every other weekend in November, which is great. (and weird, the last time we saw each before that was new years, I don't like getting old) But yeah, I'd be more than happy to tell you all about those trips some time, and show you a lot of pictures, and do it in a very gloating way.

Also, I had an internship here for the second half of the semester, which was really great. I worked at the Natural History Museum of London, at the Joseph Banks Archive Project. Which is transcribing and organizing all the letters written to and from Banks, who was a really important Botanist and Explorer in the late 1700s. So I was a Research Assistant for that project and I usually was given the job of Transcribing, it was really fun and interesting. My boss was a very silly (but very smart) British fellow who loved to argue and babble about history stuff. (so perfect for me) I also helped with the final proofs for my bosses' newest book, which was a total trip as well, though sometimes I was pretty terrified I was going to screw up his book. But whatever, it was fun and I learned a lot. Also, I now have a pretty fantastic letter of recommendation for my Grad School application, woo!

In terms of me personally, this has been a really great time as well. Right away the whole "huge city" was slightly too much, so my reaction to that was to find parks and hang out there, which then lead to me being able to sort out a lot things that I've been putting off for the last year or so. Really, all this means that I realized I was over-complicated a lot of things and making a bigger deal out of things that weren't a big deal, so nothing new. But I think I actually FEEL different now, I've always had the problem of having really great "thinks" and leaving them with really grand illusions of doing everything a lot better and then having that peter out into nothing. Maybe it was the new location, or maybe I haven't time to really screw up again yet, but hey, I feel pretty good about my chances so far.

Well fuck, that wasn't a short entry at all was it?


Posted on 2006.12.16 at 12:42

Ok, so here's what happened. As soon as I posted whole "list" from before, I realized that I didn't really agree with myself and am probably incapable of actually "ranking" albums that specificly. So, here's goes round two.

Beiruit-Gulag Orkestrar
Sunset Rubdown-Shut Up I am dreaming
TV on the Radio-Return to Cookie Mountain
M.Ward-Post War
Neko Case-Fox Cofessor Brings the Flood

Special little group of stuff I liked a lot
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins-Rabbit Fur Coat/The Elected-Sun Sun Sun (more or less the same thing, came out a the same time)
Arrah and the Ferns-Evan is a Vegan
Reginia Specktor-Begin to Hope
Midlake-The Trials of Van Occupanther
Flaming Lips-At War With The Mystics
Mates of State-Bring it Back

Everything else I liked (so like everything else that came out)
The Blow-Paper Television
Hem-Funnel Cloud
Thom Yorke-The Eraser
Destroyer-Destroyer's Rubies
Islands Return to the Sea
Sufjan Stevens-The Avalanche
Camera Obscura-Lets get out of this country
Cat Power-the greatest
Ben Kweller-Ben Kweller
Band of Horses-The Funeral
Neil Young-Living With War

yeah whatever, this doesn't really make for any discussion anymore, but whatever.


Top Ten 2.0 (so what I listened to)
(1)Beiruit-Gulag Orkestrar
(2)Sunset Rubdown-Shut Up I am dreaming
(3)M.Ward-Post War
(4)TV on the Radio-Return to Cookie Mountain
(5)Neko Case-Fox Cofessor Brings the Flood
(6)Arrah and the Ferns-Evan is a Vegan
(7)Reginia Specktor-Begin to Hope
(8)Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins-Rabbit Fur Coat
(9)Midlake-The Trials of Van Occupanther
(10)Mates of State-Bring it Back


Posted on 2006.12.05 at 16:47
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(i'm doing the lj thing again?)

I'm just going get right into this, I don't need to be lectured about neglecting my lj. (for a good year or so this time, impressive on my part.)

(side note: I read through (and deleted) a lot of my old entries, I can't believe how much i complained freshman year, also, i was apparently 18 at some point in my life, weird.)

Well yeah, I'm Colin, nice to meet you. (ok, really starting now)

I've entered my second to last week in London, which I'm feeling pretty mixed about it. I'm going to miss the hell out of this place, but I'm sure as hell missing my friends/family at home, so, mixed. I've had a really great time, traveling, pubbing, working at a top-5 in the world museum, the like. Another plus has been able to figure some things out personally, its pretty easy to get ones self lost here for a few days. But yeah, things are pretty good for all intensive purposes.

I fly home Decemeber 19th, I fully intend on playing as soon as possible, consider that a challenge.

anyways, yep.

Posted on 2005.08.09 at 01:10
Helllo helloooo helloooo, how are we ladies and gentleman. I have newwwsss.

This Friday, My house, my barn, a movie shall be shown in all its glory. I think we'll probably start around darkish, you can really come over whenever you want, just let me know, reply to this post even.

More Details soon.

Posted on 2005.07.18 at 09:37
I just finished Harry Potter, i win.

Posted on 2005.06.29 at 22:21
This is the offical first Taste of Chicago Post.

I think i'm going to be leaving around 9 or 10 on Sunday for the taste. Join if you want. Also, if you want to take a different time, this is a good place to online coordiate. We're all going to the same place so timewise we can all leave at different times, but at groups. You get the idea. Anyways. hi.

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