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Posted on 2007.02.16 at 23:29
Current Music: Great Lake Swimmers
Well, here I sit on duty, with nothing to do, so I suppose I should maybe give the ol' livejournal an update.

Personally, I'm doing pretty alright. I seem to get a lot of anxiety when i'm up here at school, and I've not been able to figure out why. I think it might have something to do with the whole "small college" thing. I like my school, but its in Green Bay, Wisconsin, there is only so much that the one hipster coffee shop can do for me for 4 months at a time. But yeah, I always seem to end up feeling really bugged by little things for entire weeks, and then i'm fine. So, who knows? Also, I don't sleep, ever, I can't sleep when I'm at college. So thats fun.

But yeah, other than little boring non-problem problem, I'm doing pretty well. I suppose one source of my anxiety may have something do with my upcoming graduation from college and the rest of my life i'm suppose to have after that. I find myself wishing I would have done little things different (having a minor) here and there during my time, but I'm mostly (slightly) freaked out about not having anything specific lined up for a post college job. I don't know, I wish I would have written more, I'd like to be a newspaper writer. Maybe I can still pull that off. Anyways, yeah, I do have some things lined up, maybe doing grad school, maybe doing something silly like the Peace Corp or Teach for America. In reality, I just want to move someplace new, a city with interesting things to do and a change of scenery. Chicago is possible, maybe its too close for me though. I really like the idea of Minneapolis or Seattle, they kind of offer the same "thing" that draws me to them, but one keeps me closer to home and one takes me to the other side of the country. So...yeah. Maybe Becky will get her PIRG thing in Seattle and I can just use that as an excuse to move there too. (Please?) For the summer, I thinking about finding some kind of summer camp job, I always loved camp, I'd be fun to lead kids on hiking trips, why not? Boo ya.

I've found myself really interested in alternative energy sources and environmentalism in general. I've always supported those ideas, but never really put in the effort to do any reading or anything. So, now I have a few books, I'm reading a lot of articles. (when I can) I haven't been able to do much yet, as all of my classes consist of only reading, but I'm getting there. Lets see, what else, oh! I was excited to see Mr. Obama declare his candidacy for president. A lot of me is still unsure how he'll do, but all of me really wants to see him win. Boo ya again.

oh! I found the most wonderful thing on stereogum today! For all you mac/music types (so, dan, who may already have this), its a program that looks exactly like itunes that automatically downloads all the mp3s from a music blog. You just add in the sites you read and every day it will update the new songs on those blogs. Its called Peel! Delicious!


Speaking of music. I got the first two Big Star albums yesterday, and i've been hitting them hard. Makes a lot of modern music make sense, and plus its great anyways. Alt. country/pop hooky/spread out, its what everything is currently, but you know, the first one. So yeah, get that. Also, I'm absolutely addicted to podcasts currently. NPR, KEXP, Morning Becomes Eclectic, etc. Its all great, I used to only do Sound Opinions, but i don't really care for them anymore, they seem out of touch, and bloated. Anyways, yes.

Well, there we go.


duckp0ndsimul8r at 2007-02-17 14:42 (UTC) (Link)
Trust me, you don't want to move to Chicago (unless you are unable to own a car for some reason). It's nice for a little bit, but it gets old quick. You'll get tired of the random wafts of sewage odor everywhere, the pigeons that crap everywhere, and the seedy characters that always try to get money from people.

Don't worry, you'll do fine; you're motherfuckin Colin Waters.
Jessica Rebecca Schultz
la_becky at 2007-02-17 16:49 (UTC) (Link)
haha. RJ i think you meanthat you dont want to live in a "city"

All cities have that. Chiacgo, by the way, is one of the cleanest cities in the US.
True story!
duckp0ndsimul8r at 2007-02-18 04:41 (UTC) (Link)
I guess it depends where you're at in the city too. The "suburbish" areas in the north are better. But near campus where I walk the sewage air can get pretty foul. Not only that, but I now really, really hate the distintinctive stench of road construction; it's not something I can get used too (like the noise or other filth) and it's really bad during the summer.
all_the_mix_cds at 2007-02-17 15:12 (UTC) (Link)
Good to hear from you, my boy.

Those first 2 Big Star albums are ridiculously awesome. I just found the new LCD Soundsystem, Ted Leo, and Modest Mouse, and all of them are fantastic.
Jessica Rebecca Schultz
la_becky at 2007-02-17 16:55 (UTC) (Link)
ok heres the news. So i being sent to chicago. To Direct.

Here is what we going to do, baby. We are goingto spend one year in chicago all figureing out what we want to do next. Then we will move somewhere REALLY awsome.

This is good for a few reasons:
1. we need to get chicago under our belt.
2. it gives us a chance to give our good old chicago, good old Il, and Good ol huntley a last good bye.
3. we can recreate a house of rock
4. jake levingson is there.
5. you and dan can have plenty of boy sex while i am at work.
6. we can all use this time to apply for colleges and make decisions about where we want to move next.....
7. (we should try to convince julie into chicago)
8. We can live in evanston!
9. seriosly though. Lets leave IL in style!
10. ill make food for you.
p.s. if you are totaly against this, i might be convinced to ditch this job and move to seatle anyway. (no lie)

john mayer
iamnietzche at 2007-02-17 17:38 (UTC) (Link)
big star rules!

do you like scott walker?
Grammar Phone
rascaltwitch22 at 2007-02-17 21:52 (UTC) (Link)
hey little bugger. first, you're right. i've already tried peel and i already like it.

second. Yes, Chicago is where Becky is going. And, frankly, I'm liking the idea. SO, let's find a cool old apartment/house ala Frakes and make it smell really awful. I like your idea of working at a camp. I applied at an "adventure camp" a couple of years ago that is based out of chicago. I can't remember the name of it, but you basically take city kids on hikes, sailing, and other fun stuff. maybe?

as far as jobs, etc, i am probably almost as terrified as you. i guess i find comfort in knowing that i'll be in debt for the rest of my life, so at least i'll never get bored. so hey! let's get some random ass jobs and bum around for a while! yay!
lethe_nauta at 2007-02-18 19:53 (UTC) (Link)
Think back to them olden days when you said you would go to Beijing on your Aunt's dime or something along those lines for the olympics/olympic preperation.

That times a comin' sir, and Ima going to China.
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