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I have to admit i have giant Balls. They are so huge you would love to make love with them. Love me

Posted on 2007.01.02 at 17:03
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Thank you one Dan Swick for that last wonderful post here. Jerkface. (the subject is the entirety of that post)

Well, I guess the deletion of a pirated LJ post is as good as any reason to make a real post in here.

Its been a few weeks since i've got back from England and so far I don't think i've really even thought about Europe, much less missed it. Thats not to say that I don't want to go back, but being home has been nice too. Had my new years party the other night, it was grand, as silly as always yet, this year booze was invited. It certainly made for an interesting night, but I think everyone had a lot of fun and nothing really got broken, so I'll count it as a win.

Its been nice seeing all the normal people again, we've had silly times aplenty, and also watched a lot of Scrubs. (so nothing new) Now if only we didn't normally live 3-5 states away from each other, things would be perfect.

I've got the itch get back to Norbs soon, I really love being home when all the other friendtypes are here, but I can't stand living in this house in this dang town. I can handle my family for a weekend and be fine, a month...not so much. Also, in terms of doing things, it seems our choices are always limited to drinking, watching various canceled television shows at my house, or playing video games. Could be worse i guess. But yes, few more weeks and i'm back to Norbs and my glorious 4th dorm room.

Past all the basic stuff, i"m doing pretty well. (past this awkward-at-best lj post) I feel pretty good, I'm pretty sure I lost somewhere in the 10-15 pounds range last semester, and I seemed to survive that whole experience in one piece. I feel the most relaxed i've ever been in the last few years at the current moment, and also pretty optimistic, which hasn't been present with me either lately.

I guess I really didn't have anything to say, but hey, you asked for it!


Grammar Phone
rascaltwitch22 at 2007-01-03 09:49 (UTC) (Link)
thanks for the props, but it wasn't me!
Jessica Rebecca Schultz
la_becky at 2007-01-05 23:45 (UTC) (Link)
haha. There have been other things to do jerkface. You just havent been able to come do them! Truestory!
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